Charlotte Clark-Frieson, democratic candidate for Alabama House Of Representatives, District 37, pitches her platform, and requests your vote and support. Your GENEROUS donation to our campaign is very much NEEDED and APPRECIATED! Please visit this link to Donate:

WHY I'm running

It’s time we put people before politics.

We need to remove voter suppression in all its forms, especially racial gerrymandering. I favor restoration of voting rights for ex-felons. Voting should be the right of all citizens and disenfranchisement of ex-felons who have served their time is voter suppression, and must end if we are to realize the potential of our democracy.

As a teacher for more than two decades and a past school board member, I have the insight to find solutions to our underperforming schools. We need to give all children access to quality education and the opportunity that education brings.

In the 37th District, we need a mix of small and large businesses from which the whole community benefits. Main streets and "by-passes" need to be vibrant and full of economic activity. We need retraining for the workforce, a business and worker friendly environment, and federal, state and local infrastructure to support business development. The key to economic development is education and business. The next representative from the 37th District should have a background in both.  My background is defined by education and business and I am ready to lead.

If you will honor me with your vote, I will serve you with honor. 


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