Clark-Frieson Challenges Incumbent Fincher for District 37 Seat


Clark-Frieson challenges incumbent Ficher for District 37 Seat

Valley Times News Article

After taking the District 37 nomination in 2014, incumbent Republican Bob Fincher is now defending his seat from Democratic challenger Charlotte Clark-Frieson. District 37 covers Cleburne, Randolph and Chambers counties. Fincher has represented the area for the past four years and said he would continue on the path he has laid for himself and the district if re-elected.

"What I hope to continue to do is to work hard in the fields of economic development in the district and to improve education," he said. "I think we have seen some improvements over the last four years, but we still have a lot that can be accomplished.

An educator before his political career, Fincher said that the improvements to education will come from a change in curriculum. "For a long time, we were under a common core curriculum in the state and hopefully we are coming out from under that," he said. "I would like to see Alabama educators develop their own system, which I think would be far superior to what we have seen in the past."

Fincher said he is a "very conservative" Republican and hopes to continue his work in the office he currently holds.

"I feel like in your first term, ther is a learning curve and you are really better prepared in a second term because of your knowledge of the system," he said. "I think I can be more effective during a second term."

His opponent, Clark-Frieson said that her goal if elected is to better represent those who don't necessarily share the same party views as the incumbent. "Alabama right now is operating under a super-majority," she said. "We have a Repblican trifecta in the state."

Also a teacher before her run for office, Clark-Frieson wants to fund education throughout the district better.

"I want to see more money for education through the state lottery," she said. "I am willing to work with the governor becuse we need a way to fund education. I think the state of Alabama has over-accepted failing schools, and I feel like the ones in Chambers County are among those schools. What we have got to do in that regard is put in place a mechanism to study these schools and figure out why they are failing."

Born and raised in Roanoke, Clark-Frieson said she wants to expand Medicaid for more healthcare options to be readily available for people in more rural areas.

"When you reach my age, one of the main concerns is health care," she said. "How close is the closest hospital? If I have a medical emergency, how long would the ambulance ride be?"

She said she would also focus on revitalizing her home county.

"I feel like, in recent years, Roanoke has completely disintegrated," she said. "When you go through our cities and towns it's just a degenerative process that you see, and it makes me sad. I would do everything in my power to make these areas robust and vibrant with activity the way they were many years ago."

Clark-Frieson and other Dems Receive ANSC Endorsements

Clark-Frieson and other Dems Receive ANSC Endorsements

Darrell Turner, Charlotte Clark-Frieson, and Brian McGhee were just three among a crowd in attendance today at the 32n Annual Fall Membership Convention of the Alabama New South Alliance at the Maggie Street Dream Center in Montgomery seeking the organization’s endorsement for the upcoming November 6, General Election.

Clark-Frieson Campaign Issues Statement on the Death of Senator John McCain


I was deeply saddened this morning upon learning of the passing of our 81-year-old, United States Senator John McCain.  The Honorable Senator McCain epitomized a most respectable spirit of patriotism that I wish every American patriot exemplified.  Though he was on the opposite side of the aisle -- a member of the Republican party, he carried himself with the utmost dignity and respect, ran a respectable presidential race, and I will never forget the tremendous respect he showed and exercised toward former President Barack Obama, in the face of others who publicly dramatized their hatred and disdain for the first African American President of the United States in the most abhorring ways imaginable.  May he rest in peace, and may his family find peace in the midst of this storm.  America has lost a great patriot.

Dr. Will Boyd to be Special Guest at Randolph Blues Monthly

Dr. Will Boyd to be Special Guest at Randolph Blues Monthly

You are cordially invited to attend the next meeting of the Randolph County Democratic Executive Committee Meeting, on Monday, August 20, 2018, at the District 37 Campaign Center, 315 Main Street, Roanoke, Alabama.

Dr. Will Boyd, Democratic Nominee  For Lieutenant Governor Of Alabama

The guest speaker will be Dr. Will Boyd, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Alabama. The public is invited. Refreshments will be served.

ABOUT DR. BOYD Dr. Will Boyd, Jr.

Will Boyd (born 1971) is the presiding Bishop of Zion Ministries and the eighth pastor of a 158-year-old church in Florence, Alabama—St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church. He is a former assistant adjunct professor and Dean of Student Success. He was the first African American elected to the office of City Councilman in Greenville, Illinois. On February 9th, Boyd received Democratic nomination to become Alabama’s 31st Lieutenant Governor.

Life and early career

Boyd was born in Florence, South Carolina. He graduated from Mayo High School and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering at the University of South Carolina. Boyd later earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA), a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Religion, and a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Clinical Christian Psychology with a Christian Worldview from various institutions of higher learning. He was also awarded honorary doctorates in Divinity and Christian Counseling.

During his undergraduate years at USC, Boyd served as local chapter President of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), an Engineering Student Assistant at South Carolina Electric and Gas, Co., and a South Carolina House of Representative page to Former State Representative Denny Neilson (D). Before transitioning into “full-time ministry” and public service, Boyd worked in the United States and The People’s Republic of China, serving as a Manufacturing Engineer, Production Manager, and Quality Manager.

Boyd is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated and served in several offices. He is a consecrated Patriarch and Metropolitan Archbishop with oversight of churches around the world. Boyd also serves on the Board of Directors for the Health Care Authority of Lauderdale County and the City of Florence, Alabama.

Boyd’s higher education experience includes serving as Dean of Student Success & Adjunct Assistant Professor of Management at Greenville College and Chancellor at St. James the Elder Theological Seminary. He published three books entitled: Scratching the Surface; Can You Hear Me Now? How Active Listening and Continuous Articulation of Core Values Can Improve Leadership Effectiveness in Any Organization, Even the Church; and Watch God! He is married to Vida Boyd, a human resource professional. They have three children and they reside in Florence, Alabama.


Boyd served as a City Councilman in Greenville, Illinois before becoming a candidate for U.S. Senate. He ran for the seat left vacant by then U.S. Senator Barak Obama upon his election to President of the United States. Boyd and his family moved to Alabama and he later was elected to the Lauderdale County Democratic Executive Committee and now serves as chairman. In 2016, Boyd became the Democratic Nominee for U.S. Representative for Alabama’s Fifth Congressional District. Desiring to serve God and county, Boyd ran for the U.S. Senate seat won by Senator Doug Jones in 2017. Following the U.S. Senate primary, Boyd was elected to Alabama’s State Democratic Executive Committee. On February 2nd 2018, Dr. Will Boyd became the first Democrat who qualified to run as Lieutenant Governor of Alabama.