Clark-Frieson, Other Democrats Seek Endorsement from Alabama's Black Political Caucus


Saturday, October 20 was the day; and The Hyatt Regency Wynfrey Hotel in Hoover, Alabama was the place for the Semi-Annual Convention of Alabama's oldest and largest Black Political Voting Caucus, The Alabama Democratic Conference (ADC).

The ADC State Convention was also joined by The National Democratic Committee Black Caucus Summit.

Charlotte Clark-Frieson was there to be screened by one of ADC's many screening committees whose job it was to analyze her platform, evaluate her performance and recommend to the convention to either endorse or not endorse her candidacy for the upcoming November 6 general election. Her traveling companions for the day included Campaign Office Manager, Tamara Taylor Thomas, daughter, Je'Lynn Frieson, and her six-year-old granddaughter, Kynnedy.

Also present at the State convention from District 37 were Roy Terry and Randolph County ADC Chair, Cotina Terry, who worked with Registration during the convention.

The day began with The Q.D. Adams Leadership and Prayer Breakfast. Dr. Will Boyd, Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor, served as Keynote speaker for this event.

The next session for the day was the candidate screening process which was well organized and went quickly as candidates were assigned to various rooms where several screening committees were stationed throughout the hotel to examine those candidates assigned to them.

During the screening, Clark-Frieson was given the opportunity to introduce herself and her platform. This was followed by questions from the screening panel.

After the screening period, the convention reassembled for the ADC Semi-Annual/DNC Black Caucus Summit Luncheon. During this period, the convention was greeted by several high-profile Democrats, including Congresswoman Terri Sewell from Alabama's 7th congressional district; state democratic committee chair, Nancy Worley; gubernatorial nominee Walt Maddox; and many others.

In his address, while somewhat low-key, yet intense... the Keynote Speaker, Bishop John Richard Bryant, of Payne Theological Seminary, Wilberforce, Ohio, brought the convention to a rousing standing ovation as he climaxed his address on a high note -- leading the convention in an old familiar verse of "We are climbing Jacob's Ladder."

Bishop Bryant's keynote address was based on the story of Nehemiah, who after being informed that Jerusalem is without walls, resolved to restore them. So, after the king appoints Nehemiah as governor of Judah and he travels to Jerusalem. There he rebuilds the walls, despite the opposition of Israel's enemies, and reforms the community in conformity with the law of Moses. After 12 years in Jerusalem, he returns to Susa but subsequently revisits Jerusalem. He finds that the Israelites have been backsliding and taking non-Jewish wives, and he stays in Jerusalem to enforce the Law.

While the deeply compelling message was biblically based, in his address he made the analogy between people of our time, and the people of Jerusalem, who were forced to live behind "broken walls." He characterized people who live behind broken walls as not unlike people living in our current political climate, who are without adequate health care; without adequate wages; unable to make a decent livlihood; unable to feed themselves; etc.

As he brought his address to a close, he admonished us to be bold; be courageous; be political... even in our church life, he said.

Bishop Bryant's address was received with much enthusiasm and fanfare, as his voice rang out loudly: "Rise... Shine... Give God the Glory; Rise.. Shine... Give God the Glory... Rise... Shine... Give God the Glory... Soldier Of The Cross!" Conventioners rose to their feet and exploded into applause.

The afternoon schedule consisted of workshops entitled "Sojourner Circle: Seat at the Table" and "Millennials."

Clark-Frieson learned late Saturday evening that she had in fact, secured ADC's endorsement for District 37 of the Alabama House of Representatives.

The Convention will end on Otober 21, 2018, with Sunday Morning worship Service at Tabernacle Baptist Church, 660 Center Street in Birmingham