Another School Shooting In Texas... When Will We say Enough Is Enough?


Another School Shooting In Texas... When Will We say Enough Is Enough?

Within the last few moments, I have learned of yet another school shooting -- this time in Santa Fe, Texas.  At the time of this post, an estimated 8 to 10 people had been reported dead as a result of this horrendous incident. According to reports, there is a suspect in custody.

So, here I sit with my eyes peeled on my favorite news stations -- CNN and MSNBC -- trying to wrap my mind around the gruesome details of this tragedy.

At this point in time, all I can feel is disgust for those in our nation who are so rigid and unyielding in their belief that anybody wants to rob them of their right to bear arms that they cannot comprehend a need to more closely regulate, control and monitor access to deadly weapons.   

* Background checks are reasonable.
* The need for gun-sense legislation across our nation is reasonable, and will not deprive any
   citizen of their basic right to bear arms.
* Lawmakers at every level; local, State and Federal, who cater to the NRA need to be voted
  out of Congress NOW.

As further details of this tragedy emerge, this is a certainly a time for action; for voices to be heard; but, more importantly in this moment, it is a time to remember the fallen, in our every thought and prayer that they will somehow find peace in the midst of this incredible and violent storm that has engulfed our nation.