Democratic Candidate For State House 37 Launches Campaign With Official Opening Of Campaign Center

(Open House, Saturday, August 4, 2018
12:00 Noon until 2:00 PM)


Roanoke, Alabama:  Today, Charlotte Clark-Frieson, the Democratic candidate for Alabama House Of Representatives, District 37, announced that she will officially launch her campaign with the opening of the “District 37 Campaign and Voter Empowerment Center,” located at 315 Main Street in Roanoke.

Of the opening, Clark-Frieson stated: “My prayer is that the opening of this office will symbolize a much needed coming together of the diverse communities of District 37, to rally around the needs and the well-being of every citizen throughout the district.  I have traveled extensively from the top to the bottom of the District, and though I don’t claim to have seen everything, I have seen a lot and certainly enough that -- translates (in some respects) into culture shock for me.  I’ve seen communities that I didn’t even realize existed in this area.    

District 37 spans from everything South of I-20 in Heflin, down to the lower parts of Chambers County.  I’ve witnessed the very comfortable life-styles of the lake-dwellers around Lake Wedowee; but I’ve also seen the economic disparity of inner city dwellers in our cities, towns and rural communities.   I’ve encountered both young and old in trying to get a feel for what folks in this area are really concerned about.   I’ve observed farming conditions, and seen both agriculture and industry at work in Randolph County.    

I want my office to be a place where everyone regardless of economic conditions, or social status, religious belief, or ethnicity can feel comfortable coming and sharing with me, their vision for making our area a great place to live and raise their children.   I want it to represent those values that we all cherish... and I want to know what their difficulties and concerns are.   Another of my goals is to provide a preview to what we can accomplish in our community once I’m elected to represent HD 37.   I think it will be a great enhancement to our community to have an office open every day, centrally located within District 37, where we are available to serve the constituents of this district in any way we possibly can.   We want to be accessible to the people STARTING NOW.  We’re not waiting for an election to take place.  My vision is that in the future, it will serve as a  headquarters and a point of contact not only for me as a State Representative, but my fellow colleagues who are serving our community as well.

So Saturday, we are going to be open from 12:00 noon until 2:00 pm.  We’ll have staff on-site to take our visitors on a short tour.  We plan to have centers prepared that will provide information about our progressive agenda, and how we hope to achieve it.  And we’ll serve good old-fashioned American Hot-dogs until we run out.  

The public is invited, and the media is welcome as well.  This serves as your invitation.”

About Clark-Frieson:  Charlotte Clark-Frieson is a life-long resident of Roanoke, Alabama, local entrepreneur,  former public school teacher, and former elected official in Randolph County.  She’s also the daughter of two legendary and beloved community leaders:  the late Wilkie Clark, a dynamic and outspoken Civil Rights Leader known state wide for his life long dedication to civic and political activism; and career educator, the late Mrs. Hattie Lee Peters Clark whose flawless career in Randolph County spanned 36 years.  The Auburn graduate declared her candidacy for State House 37 on February 6 in Montgomery, Alabama.  She is one of more than 70 African-American women running for State Office in Alabama.