Clark-Frieson Addresses Alabama AFL-CIO In Montgomery

Clark-Frieson Addresses Alabama AFL-CIO In Montgomery


With the objective of securing an endorsement and perhaps funding and support for her campaign, Charlotte Clark-Frieson, Democratic Candidate for Alabama House District 37 attended the state meeting of the AFLCIO, held Thursday, in Montgomery.  Along with some 50 to 60 other candidates for both State and Federal offices, Clark-Frieson addressed what looked to be more than 150 Delegates during their Candidate's Forum.

Her comments -- limited to three (3) minutes -- focused on her younger years as the wife of the late Clarence Frieson, Jr., who, for nearly 20 years, was employed at Uniroyal-Goodrich Tire Company in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and the many protections that she came to appreciate about his unionized job.  She recalled that her late husband's salary far exceeded her starting pay as a college-educated beginning teacher.  And she could not recall ever having to pay a dime in co-pays for the birth of either of her two adult children. Upon Frieson's death, her survivor's benefits which covered both her and her two minor children at that time, were based on his substantial salary, which afforded her the ability to comfortably remain at home and take care of their school-age children until they were ready to exit high school. "I came to appreciate the security of unions, and the value the unions demanded for working people" she told the group.

Clark-Frieson told the group; "I could certainly use a check. But in the event you don't see fit to contribute to our campaign, "boots-on-the-ground" will be sufficient.  And we will appreciate and receive with an open heart, any support you can offer us."

She concluded: "Knowing what I know about unions and the labor movement, there is no way I would go to Montgomery as a State Legislator, and sit tight-lipped and not speak out in support of labor, if the opportunity presented itself.  Again, thank you for the opportunity to come and address the delegates today."  

About Clark-Frieson:  Charlotte Clark-Frieson is a life-long resident of Roanoke, Alabama, local entrepreneur,  former public school teacher, and former elected official in Randolph County.  She’s also the daughter of two legendary and beloved community leaders:  the late Wilkie Clark, a dynamic and outspoken Civil Rights Leader known state wide for his life long dedication to civic and political activism; and career educator, the late Mrs. Hattie Lee Peters Clark whose flawless career in Randolph County spanned 36 years.  The Auburn graduate declared her candidacy for State House 37 on February 6 in Montgomery, Alabama.  She is one of more than 70 African-American women running for State Office in Alabama.