Clark-Frieson Releases Position Statement on Retirement System Of Alabama

Clark-Frieson Releases Position Statement on Retirement System Of Alabama


As the Democratic nominee for Alabama House District 37, I want to make it known to all citizens of Alabama, that I wholeheartedly support RSA, and I want to share with you my experience with it.

Although I am not a member of RSA, I have intimate knowledge about it, because my mother was a 36-year veteran teacher. About 44 years ago, concluding her 36 years as a public school teacher, she retired. I recall at that time, it was the boast of every teacher I knew that the Teacher's Retirement System in Alabama was one of the strongest in the nation. Don't know if you

realize our state once enjoyed that distinction. Because of the Retirement System of Alabama, my mother lived out her mature years very comfortably until her death in 1989.

It is important for you to know that as a State Legislator, I'm prepared to do everything in my power to keep the Retirement System strong and financially sound because I understand this is a major concern of every working person as they approach their senior years. We must protect our precious pension fund for those who are depending on it to take them through their mature years.

Dr. David Bronner became CEO of the Pension Fund in the early 1970's (a little before the time my mother retired) and has overseen the State's Pension Fund since that time. To his credit, he has managed it well enough to meet its obligations to every Alabama retiree. The challenge that is before all Alabama's workers AND VOTERS is to fight (at the ballot box) to protect it from those who would advocate for privatization or conversion of the fund and those proponents of closing it to new employees.

Now is the time to do all we can to ensure that our pension fund remains viable and solvent so that everybody who is entitled to benefits gets them. That means voting for legislators who will stand firm and pledge not to take our hard-earned money and just hand it over to private firms to manage, or convert to private 401Ks, or find other underhanded ways to pillage it.

Please know that this is a pledge that I can and will make to you unequivocally. I would never vote to outsource the management of our Pension Fund, leaving it open to be ravaged by corrupt, greedy, self-serving opportunistic parasites (such as those in our legislature who have advanced and supported this idea).