Clark-Frieson and other Dems Receive ANSC Endorsements


Clark-Frieson & Other Dems receive ANSC Endorsements

In spite of a recently fractured left ankle, Charlotte Clark-Frieson managed to make it to Montgomery, Alabama to be in attendance at the 32nd Annual Fall Membership Convention of the Alabama New South Coalition (ANSC).

A departure from her usual mode of travel, this time with her daughter, Je'Lynn, granddaughter Kynnedy, wheelchair and crutches in tow, they arrived a little after the 10:00 am meeting got started... but nevertheless made it safely to Montgomery.

During what could be described as a high-spirited meeting, attendees were feted with rousing speeches from most of the State Candidates, including Walt Maddox, Will Boyd, Mallory Hagan, Joseph Siegleman, Cara McClure, Nancy Carlton Bedinger, Judge Bob Vance, Adam Jortner, and many many other democratic candidates running for state-wide offices.

Dr. Will Boyd, who can always counted on to rally the crowd, was both positive and uplifting in his greetings to the Convention: "And if we have Gillum in Florida; and Abrams in Georgia, and Governor Maddox AND BOYD in Alabama, you will have three African Americans in the executive branch in 3 contiguous southern states; but when Mayor Maddox gets in office, one of those things he's going to do -- as Governor -- is to expand Medicaid; and when we have one million people with pre-existing conditions; 900,000 people in poverty; 125,000 women without health care -- now is not the time to have another Governor who's gonna sit down and do nothing; but, now is the time to put Walt Maddox in as Governor of the Great State of Alabama!

Now is the time to not only have a Chief Justice and Secretary of State, and Attorney General in the first congressional district.

We need to see great strong leaders who are going to fight hard and struggle hard for us so we can all come together with great opportunities like this one today and that is to talk about what we're gonna do. But one of the things that you need to know is that Alabama CAN change if you put the right people in office." And as the Lieutenant Governor, I have the opportuity to appoint 400 people to 167 committees, which includes helping us out with Prison Reform. I don't like to talk to you this way; but I'm going to talk to you this way; wrongfully accused; I go on __ I go on abolitionist radio; I talk about 13th Amendment... the "Exclusion Clause" I talk about the atrocities of our prison system, I talk about people behind bars not having a chance to succeed in life; now is the time. WRONGFULLY ACCUSED! Out of 2.3 Million, there are 23,000 people who are behind bars who should NOT be; they should be out on the streets fighting like you and me. Now is the time to get somebody in office, who is going to make sure that not only blacks can get jobs in one part or district of the county or the state; but you need somebody who'll put all 75,000 unemployed people back to work; So, I need you to help me out; My background is engineering; I have two Bachelors, that doesn't mean anything; You can have PhDs, JDs, MBAs, BSs, but guess what? Without J-E-S-U-S I say you are D-E-A-D!!

May God bless Alabama New South.

But, on November 6, 2018, watch what happens: You're gonna see my face on national television; we're going to win in Alabama."

At the conclusion of the meeting, it was announced that Clark-Frieson, along with Darrell Turner (Democratic nominee for Senate District 13), and Brian McGhee (Democratic nominee for neighboring House District 38) all received endorsements from the ANSC.

Upon learning the news from SDEC member, Teresa Smiley, Clark-Frieson stated, "Well it was very difficult traveling to Montgomery with an injured ankle, yet well worth the trip."