Glad To Be Back In "Bama!"

Hello folks... just sharing one of my many cherished moments from my LONG weekend in Texas with my grandson, "Kenzie," (Pvt James McKenzie Frieson), who will deploy to Europe two weeks from now.

Here we are standing in front of the "Bernie Beck Gate" at the entrance of Fort Hood, Texas. My daughter, Je'Lynn, granddaughter, Kynnedy and I arrived at D-FW Airport Friday around 6:00 PM. Drove to Killeen Texas, and were DAWG TIRED by the time we arrived late Friday evening. But, Saturday morning, it was "ON-AN-POPPIN' " We enjoyed a day out with Kenzie, starting with breakfast at nearby Ihop; then the Grand Tour of Fort Hood, by the one-and-only Private Frieson, himself. I believe we learned that It is the 3rd largest Military base in the country. Kenzie works in the motor pool. Then, we spent the remainder of the day at the Military PX, just window-shopping and visiting.

Sunday, the spirit was willing but the flesh was WEAK. We were still DAWG TIRED and worn out from traveling. So, we lounged around the hotel most of the day after another BIG breakfast at IHOP. Later on, another tour featuring a whole other part of the Fort. This time, we went to the museum where we took in actual artifacts of World War II; artilliary, tanks, choppers, and aircraft from the World War II Theatre. It was living history.

When you visit a place like this, you understand why the United States of America is the Greatest Nation in the World.

It was wonderful seeing my child transformed before my very eyes. He is definitely NOT the same child I took to the Auburn Recruitment center in April of 2016. But, he's still my baby-boy "Kenzie." We really needed more time with him. When you do a trip like this, you need a span of several days to do everything and return home rested. But, because he's leaving the country, IT WAS NOW OR NEVER!!!.

I am so proud of my son/grandson, whom I raised in my house, for stepping up and volunteering to put his life on the line to defend and protect these our United States Of America.